Considering renovating or updating your home this year? There are a lot of trends that come and go over the years and some are timeless. So what kind of renovation trends will be popular in 2020? Here’s what the experts are saying.

#1. The surfaces are it.

Homeowners will spend an average of $3200 a year on surface improvements. This could mean flooring, carpets, paneling, ceiling tiles, paint, etc. Updating these items in your home will make your home last longer, increase the durability on your property and impress buyers if you plan on selling.

#2. Clean air.

Going eco-friendly has always been a popular trend and 2020 is seeing more home wellness trends on the rise. This could mean non-toxic materials, water, and air purification systems, and circadian lighting to improve sleep.

#3. Cost efficiency.

Homeowners are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of their home so they don’t have to pay as much in utility costs and save the planet while we’re at it. There will be an uptick in projects tied to cost savings including energy-efficient lighting, insulation, and improved roofing.

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#4. Small budget renovations with big impacts.

Homeowners are looking for more bang for their buck and are more strategic with their funds looking for smaller projects that have a high impact such as new hardware, lighting fixtures, and sink fixtures.

#5. Paint is always in style.

Painting can be time-consuming but it can yield dividends outside your home value. A simple new paint job on a tired and dated room can work wonders.

#6. Doing things yourself.

With the invention of YouTube and Pinterest, DIY homeowners are more confident than ever. We have more ideas, videos on how to do things, and feel confident in our abilities. However, for the major projects or items that may need code approval or permits, stick with the professionals.

#7. Climate proofing.

In a lot of places around the country, we’re seeing extreme weather patterns some homeowners are investing in disaster-resistant home improvements such as reinforced windows and doors, more insulation, and impact windows.

#8. Custom features.

Adding a custom feature here or there on to cabinet remodeling, bathroom upgrades, or kitchen improvements are becoming more popular without adding too much to the cost. These luxury features could include semi-custom or custom cabinetry such as soft-close doors, sizing, and unique hidden storage areas.

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#9. More focus on maintenance.

Maintenance will always be a requirement for homeowners. Just because you’re not pouring money into a home improvement project doesn’t mean you’re not maintaining your home up to its current standards. Keeping toilets working properly, cleaning and servicing furnaces and HVAC systems, and maintaining siding and roofs all add to the value of your home.

#10. Smart home technology.

We now have smart vacuums, smart thermostats, smart windows, smart lights, and the list goes on and on. Whether you love robotic devices that make cleaning easier or like to control most of your house with voice recognition, these smart home technologies are increasing the value of our home exponentially and it’s what all buyers, especially millennial buyers are looking for these days.

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