Spring is here and as flowers begin to bloom many homeowners are prepping for a little Spring landscaping to help boost their curb appeal and get their home’s ready for Summer. While there are many ways to try and boost your curb appeal, whether for selling your home or simply to enjoy the colors of Spring, however, what many people forget to mention, are the common landscaping tips that help you prep your yard for the warmer months ahead.

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Check Trees and Shrubs

As tempting as is may be to dive in headfirst, the first thing you’ll want to do, even though it’s tedious, is to inspect the trees and shrubs on your property. You’ll wat to look for any broken branches, prune trees if needed, and look for any diseased trees or bushes as these diseases could spread to other areas of your yard, infecting other previously healthy plants. If you keep up on pruning and inspect your trees and shrubs often, you should be able to control any diseases before they take over your yard and garden.

3 Homeowner Tips for Spring Landscaping Grab the Lawnmower

As the weather warms, you’ll notice that your lawn is growing rapidly. Grass loves the Spring, the dampness of dew in the morning, occasional rain fall, and rays of sunshine make for the perfect environment for exponential grass growth. Because of this, it is vital that you mow your lawn regularly to keep it healthy, this is easily one of the most important aspects of Spring landscaping.

Plan Ahead

As difficult as it is, fight the urge to start planting seasonal color right away. Take the time to plan, a map if you will, or your yard. Rearrange the map as much as desired until you reach a final “layout” that allows for your own perfect yard, whether that be low maintenance, space for a vegetable garden, etc. By making a map before you begin planting, you can ensure that you won’t be left with unused space, run out of space, or have a yard that doesn’t look put together as it wasn’t thought through.

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It’s also important to remember not to take on too much, especially if you’re a new homeowner. Keeping up a yard takes a lot of patience, and most importantly, time and in many cases funds. It’s always best to start small, and work your way to a bigger, more landscaped yard as time goes on. Spring landscaping is only some of the work that is required to keep your home and yard looking it’s best year-round, make sure to stay on top of your landscape and your home is sure to look it’s best for many years to come.

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