It’s no secret that smaller cities often offer more bang for your buck, and it’s due to this that many smaller cities and communities across New York are projected to see a rise in home sales. In addition to the regular real estate market, many sellers within more urban areas are realizing that if they sell their home, they can get a lot more house, for a lot less in a more rural area, or a smaller town than that of the city.

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Why Small Cities are So Appealing

For this reason, many smaller cities are expected to see a higher rate of home sales due to those wishing to re-locate to the country. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city does indeed come with its perks, however as people are starting to crave more space at home, outdoor activity, and a more affordable lifestyle, many smaller towns such as the Village of Medina are looking more and more appealing to those moving from more metro areas.

With a desire for more space, more affordable housing, and for lack of a better term, getting back to a simpler lifestyle, many small towns are looking more and more desirable to those choosing to relocate. While for some relocating across the country is in the works, for others, finding a little slice of heaven only a few hours from their current location seems like a less-stressful option. Whether it’s New York City, Buffalo, Rochester or Yonkers, it’s often hard to believe that just a few miles away you can escape the hustle and bustle of metro living and put down roots amongst rolling hills, mountain views, and a simpler way of life.

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While in years past, moving to a less populated area was difficult to achieve, with so many companies now offering remote work, many buyers are no longer limited in their house buying options due to commute times or proximity to work, thus opening limitless potential for those seeking to buy homes in more rural areas or smaller cities. Whether you’re searching for a quaint town where neighbors wave as they get their mail, a local grocery store that boasts produce from the farmers nearby, or a tight knit community of locals, now might be the time to explore the little towns that have a big personality.

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