So, it’s time to sell your house. While the task may seem daunting to say the least, rest assured, this could be a great experience and leave you with great potential to invest into a new home or venture in life. While there are dozens of different tips and tricks that are generally offered when it comes time to sell, the single most important thing you, as the homeowner, can do, is to simply sell a house and not a home.

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Your real estate agent will be able to help guide you through the numbers, listings, tour appointments, etc. however, as the homeowner it is your job to try and make your home a house so that those who are touring can envision their life within the walls. While memories made cannot be forgotten, reminders of the family or people that lived within the house prior to the listing is not something that renders as appealing to potential buyers.

Buyers want to see a house that is clear and free of memories so that they can take in each room and envision how their life could fit into the space provided. For example, if you have a beautifully set up nursery that is covered in ultrasound photos, or photos of your newborn, a couple may tour your home who have chosen not to have children.

home stagingWhile seeing a nursery in general might not matter to them, by seeing all the photos, personalized blankets or toys the buyer can’t always view the room as simply a room, but rather only a nursery filled with all the first of the baby they saw in the photos on the walls. Because of this, they may feel as if the house doesn’t appeal to their needs, when in reality it could. By removing the personalized touches and photos, while the furniture of a nursery may remain, the sentimental attachment is gone and so it is often easier for buyers to look past the furniture and visualize how they could utilize the room for their own wants and needs.

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Much like the above example, you can find a way to make each room feel almost empty without truly emptying or riding the house of furniture or staging equipment and props. If your walls look bare without photos, simply put of photos of nature, sunsets, plants, etc. This will help the house look “homey” without having it look like “your” home.

If you aren’t sure where to start, home staging companies are incredible at setting up homes to look like crisp clean houses ready to appeal to all sorts of buyers. Ask your agent if they have any recommendations should you choose to go with a home staging company and you will be amazed at how new your home can look, and even more impressed with the offers that may start coming in.

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