Remodeling your home can be an exciting and stressful time as well as expensive in most cases. While nearly all remodel jobs will have costs associated with the materials and labor, there are a few easy ways you can save money during your remodeling projects.

#1 Refinish the Cabinets

Oftentimes when you do a kitchen remodel, one of the main areas of focus is the cabinetry, however, in many cases your cabinets don’t need to be replaced. In some cases, your cabinets can simply be refinished, sanded, painted or stained and will instantly look brand new.

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remodel#2 Do the Demo Yourself

If you feel comfortable, and the demo work needed isn’t major, then try to do it yourself! A good example of demo work that many homeowners are able to do themselves is tearing up old carpet and flooring prior to new installation.

#3 Get Multiple Bids

Don’t be afraid to shop around. It is recommended that you get a minimum of 3 bids on each project. This will help you find a contractor within your budget, and in some cases, you can use the multiple bids to get an even lower price as many contractors will fight for your business.

#4 Haul Your Own Materials

You’ll be amazed at the delivery and removal charges that many contractors charge. Try to move your own materials, both new and old when possible. Pack up a truck or trailer with as much of the “trash” from your remodel and haul it away to a dump, and with any new materials, try to pick up the materials and transport them to your home when possible.

#5 Painting

Painting may be a little time consuming, however by painting a home yourself you can save hundreds of dollars. Make sure that you have good lighting, plenty of painter’s tape, and tarps on the floor and surrounding furniture to avoid any accidental drips or spills.

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While there are dozens of different ways that you can save both big and small when it comes time to remodel, these 5 tips seem to be the most commonly used among homeowners. As with all remodeling jobs, it is important to set a budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. Likewise, it is always a smart idea to try and plan for hiccups and set aside a little extra cash to cover any issues that may arise throughout the remodel.

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