Homeownership in West New York is one of the best investments you can make. It also comes with a longer list of upkeep and responsibilities. One of the upkeep jobs you will come across in this northern climate is moss growth on your roof.

If you look up and discover patches of green growing on your roof, it is not uncommon but should be dealt with as soon as you can. When left to grow moss can make itself cozy growing in between roof tiles and causing them to lift. This can lead to moisture getting in where it shouldn’t which can lead to rot.

Removing Moss From Your Roof in West New York

Cleaning Moss Off Your West New York Home’s RoofRemoving Moss From Your Roof in West New York

First Gather What Your Will Need

When working on the roof you want to make sure you not only have the proper tools to get the job done but also the proper safety equipment to make sure you prevent injury.

You will want to make sure you have safety goggles, rubber gloves, safety rope, slip-resistant footwear, a sturdy ladder, a garden hose with a spray nozzle, a scrub brush, a long-handled soft bristle brush, and cleaner specifically for moss removal.

The cleaning process

The first step is to prep the area of roofing covered in moss. This is a dirty and wet job so make sure you have dressed appropriately and wear old shoes with a good grip that you don’t mind getting wet and yucky. Cover any nearby plants with plastic sheeting and make sure you have all of your materials ready and within reach.

When you have everything you need together and plants nearby covered up it is time to spray the section of the roof covered in moss with water. Work from the top of the area downward toward the gutter. When cleaning it should always be from top to bottom but it is also best for helping the shingles to remain intact.

Now that everything is good and wet use a scrub brush or the long-handled soft bristle brush to gently scrape or remove as much of the moss as possible from the roofing. Working in small sections at a time helps you to keep better control of your mobility and to work more gently without damaging the roofing. Remember to work in a downward motion to protect the shingles.

Now that you have removed as much of the moss as possible it is time to apply the moss removal cleaner to the affected area of your roof. Make sure to follow the directions closely on the bottle of moss remover. Often this requires letting the areas soak in the solution for a certain amount of time specified in the directions.

Once the remover has had time to do its work it’s time to rinse it off with the spray nozzle of the hose and take your scrub brush to any remaining moss that may be hanging out on the roof and then rinse everything clean again.

Using a power washer

Some people choose to use a pressure washer to remove moss from a roof but this should be done very carefully. It is a bit more dangerous to use the power washer method because you will definitely need to climb up onto the roof and it requires much more water than a simple scrub brush and cleaner method.

You want to make sure that you are using the power washer on the lowest setting only. It is also good to know that this is only a good cleaning method for a roof that is in great condition and where there is no damage or cracks in any of the shingles. Pressure washing a damaged spot of the roofing will cause water to get into places you don’t want to.


Tips for preventing moss growth on your roof

One of the best ways to make moss cleaning easier is to help limit and prevent its growth in the first place. The biggest contributor to moss thriving is a moist and shaded area of the roof. If it is possible trim back any tree branches that are contributing to shaded areas on the roof.

It is also a good idea to keep gutters clean and remove anything that may pile up on the roof that can help encourage moss growth like leaves and other debris. Placing strips of zinc that can be purchased from a home improvement store will also help to keep moss to a minimum.

The best way to keep your West New York home in its best shape possible is to perform preventive maintenance measures so that small things do not turn into big problems.

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