As the leaved in Medina start to fall and the colors change, you may be getting ready for Fall, and Pumpkin Painting is a great way to do so! While traditionally you get a pumpkin a few days before Halloween and plan the design or face you want to carve into the pumpkin, there are a few reasons why pumpkin painting is starting to grow in popularity, the two most common being “shelf” life and safety.

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Before we dive into the reasons as to why pumpkin painting is so popular, what exactly is it? There is no hidden agenda behind the term, and pumpkin painting is quite literally simply a painting a pumpkin instead of carving it.

Pumpkin Painting, the New Way to “Carve” Your PumpkinShelf Life

Have you ever finished carving your pumpkin only to find it rotting and molding just a few days later? Unfortunately, this is quite common, especially in warmer climates and can cause a messy clean up, attract insects and pests, and ultimately, not allow for your masterpiece to enjoyed as long as you may want. When painting a pumpkin, because you aren’t cutting into the actual pumpkin itself, you are extending the timeframe, or shelf life, of your pumpkin, ensuring that you can enjoy it much longer during both the Fall season as well as Halloween.


Safety is a huge concern amongst most people when it comes to carving pumpkins. Regardless of how careful you may be, unfortunately accidents do happen and when working with shop objects and knives, creating the perfect jack-o-lantern may end up being a more dangerous activity than you realized. Because of this, pumpkin painting is growing wildly in popularity for those of all ages, whether for toddlers, young children, as well as adults and even grandparents as it allows you to still enjoy all the fun of creating a fun pumpkin, without the safety concerns.

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The best part of choosing to paint your pumpkin is that it can be enjoyed by those of all skill levels, whether for a toddler who simply wants to finger paint and smear all the colors together, or a talented artist to showcase their talents with an intricate painting and design, pumpkin painting can be an activity that is enjoyed by the whole family.

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