When it comes to an HOA, or Homeowners Association, oftentimes people either have an extremely positive or negative reaction to the term. Much like with all things there is definitely pros and cons when it comes to an HOA community, however, many times buyers and even homeowners don’t always see the pros and cons to the added cost that being a part of a Homeowners Association  can bring.

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Repairs and Upkeep

Pending on the home style, whether a condo, townhouse or single-family home, oftentimes your HOA is responsible for some repairs within the community which could potentially save you thousands. However, this can range widely and, in some instances, your HOA may be responsible for repairing and/or replacing roofing, garage doors, as well as providing yard work and maintenance throughout the community.

Cleanliness and Order

Unfortunately, it is easy for a nice neighborhood to lose its curb appeal all because one homeowner chooses to store broken down vehicles, trash, etc. in the driveway. When living within an HOA your risk of this is diminished as HOA’s often have strict guidelines that ensure that all homeowners keep their homes and yard visually appealing at all times. This not only helps keep the curb appeal of your home looking it’s best, but also the community or neighborhood as a whole.

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When living in an Homeowners Association you have to pay your HOA dues. These dues can range largely and include a large array of different things from water, to trash services, yard maintenance, pool cleanings etc. Regardless, the HOA dues are an extra cost you’ll have to factor into your monthly bills.


While you still own your home, you may have to request approval from the HOA board before completing any home renovations, especially when these renovations are on the exterior of your home. It isn’t uncommon for HOA’s to limit the colors you can paint your house, control fence heights, tree trimmings, landscape etc. While some people prefer it this way, for others they lose a sense of homeownership and individuality.

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While you ultimately get to decide whether you want to seek a home that is within an HOA or not, it is important to weigh both options and determine which you would prefer long term. Once you purchase a home within a Homeowners Association, the only way to not be included within the association is to move elsewhere and thus you should ensure you are comfortable with the HOA dues as well as rules and guidelines that you will have to abide by.

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