If you have a pet friendly home you may be left wondering if there are any extra steps that need to be made to have a successful, profitable, and timely sale. While in some cases having a pet present in a home doesn’t affect the ability of the home’s sale potential, it is always good idea to try and prep for the sale with a few extra tasks to allow your home to appeal to both pet lovers as well as those who prefer a pet free home.

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Tips to Sell a Pet Friendly Home Pet Hair

While you may be used to having pet hair around the home, and honestly might not even notice it anymore, it should never be present when trying to sell a home. Make sure to have lint rollers handy if your’e a pet friendly home and always do a quick once over before showing your home to clean up any pet hair that has accumulated on furniture, floors, and corners.


Unfortunately, pet owners often become used to the way their pets, and thus their home smell. While it may not always be unpleasant, you don’t want any part of your home smelling like pets, try using a light air freshener to help keep your home smelling clean without overbearingly scented.

Cleaning Credit

While not required, oftentimes offering a cleaning credit with your sale is a huge perk for many buyers whether they are planning on having a pet friendly home or not. This credit allows buyers to know that their potential new home will be thoroughly cleaned prior to their move in date.

Deodorize Carpets

In addition to your normal cleaning, if you have carpets or porous flooring, try to deodorize the floor in addition to your normal cleaning as this helps to break up any odors that may be trapped in the floor’s fibers.


Pets can cause a few imperfections in your landscaping, from yellowing or dead grass spots to holes that have been dug and even piles of #2 scattered throughout the yard. Try to make sure that your landscaping is looking it’s best and any evidence of pets, whether yellowing grass or holes are cleaned up and fixed, thus boosting your curb appeal.

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Ultimately you want your home to look as pet free as possible when it comes time to smell as this appeals to buyers who prefer a pet free home, as well as those who will be moving with pets. Providing a clean slate of sorts when it comes to a clean and seemingly pet free home is great way to sell your home fast, and for top dollar.

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