If you’re wondering if you’ve outgrown your home, chances are you most likely have. While there is no one sign that can easily tell you if you have or haven’t outgrown your home or not, there are a few factors that may help lead to your decision to either stay put or start your hunt for a new house.

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outgorwn your homeYour Family is Growing

One of the easiest signs that you’ve outgorwn your home is a growing family. While some people may purchase a home with the plan to expand their family, for others, this isn’t the case and once your family starts to grow you realize you need more space than you currently have.

Clutter or Lack of Storage

Is there stuff everywhere? Is the linen closet stuffed full? If so, it might be time to consider moving and you may indeed have outgrown your current home. Lack of storage is one of the biggest complaints among those who are choosing to upgrade or change their living situation.

Lifestyle Changes

This could be a large range of different things. An example could be if you fell in love with the hustle and bustle of the city, so you bought a home in the heart of downtown. After a few years you may be craving a quieter space to escape and get away from the busy streets and noise.

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Yard Maintenance

This is another example that could go two opposite ways. If you bought a home that has a small yard, such as a patio home or garden home, and you crave having a backyard, it may be time to move. Likewise, if you have a large yard with garden space and tons of yard maintenance and you discovered you don’t like yard work since purchasing the home, it may be time to find a home with a more suitable yard that fits your personal preferences.

Ultimately, the decision to officially begin your house hunt due to outgrowing your home is a decision that must be made by you, whether due to the above factors or not. To try and make sure that you don’t outgrow your next home, make sure to make a detailed list of all of your wants and must have’s, communicate this list to your realtor, and make sure that you don’t “settle” as this could put you back in the same position not too long down the line.

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