Creating Outdoor Space For Your Spa

An outdoor hot tub is a dream for so many. It is an oasis away from it all and right on your property. When your outdoor oasis isn’t designed properly then your hot tub will possibly be an eyesore for the rest of your outdoor aesthetics. So, how can you design a space for your outdoor spa? Where do you even start? Let us take a look at some great ideas.

Creating Outdoor Space For Your Spa


Your design should include the placement of your spa in the appropriate place in your yard. You want to hide as much of the siding of the spa as possible. This will help you avoid having to design additional things around the spa. Use walls or railings to hide your spa. this will also help to keep in the warmth.

Outdoor Room

Creating an outdoor room would be the best-case scenario You can implement wood steps or a pergola to partially enclose the space and create a relaxing outdoor room. This can be designed to feel like a garden or grotto.

Storing The Cover

Spa covers are not aesthetic and also heavy to move back and forth. You may want to consider some kind of deck or platform around the spa that allows for easy storage of the spa cover. This is helpful when the spa is in use and allows for it to easily be recovered when the spa is not in use.

Focal Point

Your spa could easily be the focal point of your yard. This can double as a water feature in your backyard if you can include some kind of fountain within the spa area.


Creating a scene around this space by using other materials will give character to your backyard. You can add a fountain, garden, pergola, and flowers that fit the mood of what you are trying to create.


Spas will take up a lot let space than inground pools. Because of this, you can add a lot of plants around your spa to give a beautiful garden focal point.


You may want to try to conceal your hot tub as best as you can for visual aesthetics. There are a lot of ways you can conceal your hot tub, even above ground. Consider a stone wall around the patio area with a terraced garden.


Decking is gorgeous and if you have an in-ground or above-ground hot tub, you can build a beautiful deck around it to add to your outdoor living space. This will add value to your home.

In Conclusion

A well-manicured thought-out landscape can include just about anything if you take the time to budget and carefully design. If this is something you want to do, you need the right team of people behind you.

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