Comparing One-Story vs. Two-Story Homes in Niagara County – When it comes to looking to buy a home one of the first things people decide on is whether or not they want a one-story or two-story home. This is based on personal preference but there are pros and cons that each home style provides. So, as you begin your home search, let’s take a look at why you might want to select either home style.Comparing One-Story vs. Two-Story Homes in Niagara County

One-story homes, also known as single-story homes, are houses that have all of their living spaces on one level. This means that all bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas like the kitchen and living room are located on the same floor. One-story homes are often preferred by people who have mobility issues, as they do not require climbing stairs.

Two-story homes, on the other hand, have living spaces on two levels, with bedrooms, bathrooms, and sometimes even a bonus room located on the second floor. These homes often have a more traditional layout, with the main living areas located on the ground floor and the bedrooms located on the second floor.

There are pros and cons to both one-story and two-story homes. One-story homes are often easier to navigate for people with mobility issues, but they may not have as much space for a growing family. Two-story homes offer more space and a more traditional layout, but may not be as convenient for people with mobility issues.

One-Story vs. Two-Story Homes

Why choose a One-Story home?

Living in a one-story home provides more living space per square foot. There is no staircase in a one-story home and this means you are saving on the square footage one would take up. Typically one-story homes are less expensive and easier to design structurally. Navigating around a single-story home is safer for those with little kids or the elderly. There is less room for a potential accident that can arise due to the stairs.

This also means you have a quicker evacuation route in case of an emergency. One-story homes ate viewed as forever homes more often because you can age without worrying about the staircase. A one-story home is wheelchair accessible if there ever was a need. One-story homes are much easier to clean and you won’t have to carry all of your supplies up and down stairs. More importantly, a single-story home is more energy efficient with maintaining temperature and this means you will have an easier time with your energy bills.

Why choose a Two Story home?

Two-story homes are cost-effective because all of the main elements of a home are combined into a smaller footprint. This means the structure can be less expensive to build. The daily exercise you get from going up and down stairs is something a lot of home buyers don’t think about but is a huge positive to living in a two-story home.

Living in a two-story home gives you more privacy, especially in the rooms located on the second story. There is a lower risk of break-ins. Oftentimes homeowners of two-story homes are more apt to use open windows for airflow than single-story homeowners specifically because of safety. Two-story homes tend to have more defined spaces rather than just open rooms. Downstairs usually is home to all of the common areas with a 1/2 bath or sometimes flex room while upstairs holds the bedrooms and bathrooms.

In Conclusion

No matter what home style you are interested in, consider these things as you decide what is best for your family. There are benefits to both one-story and two-story homes. As always work with an experienced and trusted agent who can provide you with all of the information you need to purchase your primary residence.

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