New Exciting Businesses in Lewiston, NY – There is a notable trend in Lewiston, NY, seeing a rise, relocation, and expansion of new businesses, despite some major setbacks and challenges of the pandemic. Continue to read to find out more about new exciting businesses in Lewiston, NY.

New Exciting Businesses in Lewiston, NYNew Exciting Businesses in Lewiston, NY

1. The Vintage Barber

The Vintage Barber was started up by a barber, Aaron Stephens, who saw an opportunity after year three after graduation. The Stella Niagara and Lewiston-Porter graduate learned at the clipper of Terry Collesano at the Olde Time Barber Shop.

When COVID-19 hit, Stephens found himself restricted how when, how, and where he might be able to continue his craft, and that is when he bumped into the operator of the barbershop at 744 Center St, Will Cruz. Both Cruz and Stephens hit it off, starting a friendship, and that is when Cruz noticed Stephens’ impressive clientele at the Olde Time Barber Shop. Cruz wanted his building to remain a barbershop, and Stephens bought Cruz out, and thus The Vintage Barber was born.

2. The Rose Hanger

The Rose Hanger is owned and operated by Sara Morreale, who moved locations to a multistory building to provide more opportunities for the layout of her popular clothing boutique. As far as the layout goes, the first floor will serve as the main level of the store itself, with the second floor serving as the behind-the-scenes of the business- the stock room, office, break room, etc…

Constantly bringing in new product, Morreale is a busy woman, providing many opportunities within her store for a wide range of customers.

3. Alfonso Marra Bax Building

  • Brewed and Bottled Craft Beer Shop 
  • Sgt. Peppers Hot Sauces 
  • Mad Hatter Tea House 
  • Battle Flag Tavern 

Opening in the Village of Lewiston is every foodie’s paradise, a location nationally known for its many culinary offerings. A multistory building at 442-444 Center St features the return of Brewed and Bottled Craft, Sgt. Peppers Hot Sauces and the Mad Hatter are all located on the first floor and the debut of Battle Flag Tavern. These units are expected to open individually.

Brewed and Bottled Craft Beer Shop is a hybrid of a retail shop and a beer bar. The option to purchase beer, whether it is a bottle, can, or a crowler can (32-ounce can that is filled to replace the growler) and bring it home is available to all customers. Having a drink and shopping at the same time is optional, offering a unique experience that cannot be found in many places.

Sgt. Peppers Hot Sauces will be marketing 10 different flavors of bacon that had been sold at the farmer’s market, and the summer market. They also plan on getting their hands back on Wisconsin Cheeses, and River Rat cheese, which is imported from New York. Bringing in cheese from the Cuba Cheese Shoppe is also a goal of Sgt. Peppers. Anything for the BBQ and cooking spices, and of course their signature hot sauces, jams, and mustards will all be available.

The Mad Hatter Tea House offers new bulks of tea, including seasonal lines of Tea Forté teas. The Mad Hatter offers a pescatarian menu, as well as boxed sets of tea and wares.

Battle Flag Tavern is known to service cocktails, with a bit of variety, and a bit of selection. There is an emphasis on ingredients, quality, simple ideas, local produce, herbs, vegetables, and spices. The closer these things the better the source.

4. Transform Wellness Studio

The Transform Wellness Studio started as a private practice and was run by renting space in medical offices for 15 years. Now, the studio is standing on its own two feet, offering massage therapy, yoga, and workshops.

5. The Plant Shack

The Plant Shack has opened a new location on Center Street in Lewiston. Everything sold within the store is based on how you can spice up your space and living area. At the Shack, green is good with a portion of the funds spent on each product going to support the environment, including animals (mostly turtles), and people as well. The mission is to help out the community, local, national, and international. Fun fact, the Shack sells a plant by the name of a string of turtles, and every time one is sold at the shop they donate to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

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