Have you ever thought about moving to New York State but aren’t too interested in living in the more populous areas? Perhaps you’d like to have close enough access to New York City but don’t necessarily want to live in it. Or maybe you currently live in New York City and want to find a home a little more peaceful. There’s nothing wrong with this. Particularly with the existence of COVID-19, more and more people have been moving out of big cities and into the suburbs and outdoors. If you’re one of those people, here are some promising reasons to move to the eastern side of the state.

Wilderness5 Reasons to Move to the East Side of New York State

One of the most beautiful areas of New York State is Adirondack. Located a few hours north of Long Island, this massive stretch of wilderness offers immense beauty that any nature-seeking resident will surely enjoy. The Visit Adirondacks website states the following: “Established in 1892 by the State of New York amid concerns for the water and timber resources of the region, the Adirondack Park today covers an area larger in size than Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon and the Great Smokies National Parks combined, and is the largest park in the lower 48 states.”

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Fresh, clean air

If you’re not terribly interested in constantly intaking city fumes, you’d quite enjoy living outside the city. The Adirondacks alone boasts clean, refreshing air that has a history of being very therapeutic and comforting to any living creature.


As is the case when it comes to moving outside most big cities across the country, living in the eastern side of New York offers the benefit of more tightly knit communities. Let’s face it: a city’s politics can really make or break one’s living experience. If you prefer a little more freedom and peace and quiet, there is much to offer in the rest of the state.

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It really is nice to find a state that has so much to offer in the way of adventure in the great outdoors. New York is one of those states. The big city isn’t the only place to find quality entertainment. Offering hiking trails, snow skiing, water skiing, bobsledding, and more, there’s little you can’t do in New York!

No matter where you end up choosing to live, be sure to check out the local laws and taxes and home market values before you move there. One thing is for sure though: the options are plentiful in New York State!

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