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Wineries are a common place for people to gather with friends and family while enjoying tastings, a charcuterie board, or attending events and wine releases, and luckily, when choosing to call Medina home you have a long list of wineries only a few minutes away. While there are dozens of wineries in the surrounding areas, there are three that Medina locals seem to enjoy the most, whether for their events, natural wines, or a low-key family vibe, these wineries can’t be missed and should be added to your weekend calendar.

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Leonard Oakes Estate Winery

As the closest winery for Medina locals, Leonard Oakes Estate Winery is a local favorite. Their intimate atmosphere ensures that each guest feels as if they’re part of the family while sipping on wines beautifully created from both Old and New World grapes and apples. The family-owned business is a staple in the Medina community.

medina wineriesSpring Lake Winery

The Spring Lake Winery isn’t just another winery, and many say that a visit to Spring Lake is an experience all on its own. From their tasting room, a café, tours, weddings, events, and so much more, their wine isn’t the only thing that keeps both locals and tourists coming back time and time again.

Liten Buffel

Liten Buffel is the epiphany of good, natural wines. Without additives, Liten Buffel has taken the tradition of wine making, and kept the simplistic nature of crushing and bottling grapes to create their wines. As one of the only wineries nearby that still provides a full menu of natural wines, Liten Buffel is easily a favorite amongst wine connoisseurs both within and surrounding the Medina area.

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Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend of wine tasting amongst friends or family, are hoping to explore some of the wineries in the area or are searching for the perfect pairing for a new recipe you want to try, the wineries within and surrounding Medina are sure to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for and then some.

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