Calling a small town like Medina, New York home has many perks, however, oftentimes people worry that moving to such a small city may also bring a list of challenges. Luckily Medina has been able to keep its small-town atmosphere and still provide all the perks of a bigger city for locals to enjoy. With a population of just around 6,000, one of the main concerns that many people relocating to the area seem to have is if there is enough infrastructure, or employment opportunities nearby to support their livelihood.

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Exploring Medina’s Quality of LifeAs unemployment rates hit a near all-time high in April of 2020, reaching nearly 15% Medina has been able to recover with rates now reaching near 6% as many residents have been able to return to work, or if available, start working remotely. While Medina itself doesn’t boast an ample shopping district or provide thousands of employment opportunities, luckily the location of the town couldn’t be better, and you can enjoy living a slower pace of life while working in one of the many nearby metro areas with easy access to a multitude of different highways for easy commuting and travel.

A huge perk to Medina real estate is it’s affordability which provides an incredible quality of life for locals or those looking to move into the area, unlike nearby Buffalo which has a median home price of nearly $200,000, Medina’s median home value remains below $120,000 which allows for those with all budgets to purchase a home. Arguably one of the best perks is that with lower mortgage payments, your options for travel, savings, etc. are amplified which can help many locals enjoy a more stress-free lifestyle.

Ultimately, in addition to the cost of living, as well as employment possibilities, while the city may be small, Medina was voted to have a great list of amenities available within the city, having received an overall score of 8/10 for amenities and quality of life from homesnacks. With Medina Falls, hiking, biking, parks, kayaking and so much more, the list of activities within the city seem near endless which is just another reason that many people refer to Medina as one of the best hidden gems surrounding the Niagara and Buffalo metro areas.

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