The city of Medina is a quaint little village, and when living in Medina you can enjoy a bustling historic district, restaurants boasting a multitude of ethnic cuisine, and so much more. The area is starting to grow in popularly as people start to realize just how special Medina is. As with all things, living in Medina comes with its own pros and cons, a few of the most popular can be explored below:


  • Housing Affordability – Medina is home to some of the most affordable housing in the surrounding areas, allowing for those with nearly all budgets to find their own place to call home. Medina is unique in its large range of home styles, from older historic homes to small bungalows, and even newer builds that boast modern features, finishes and ample space, Medina is the perfect place to call home without breaking the bank.
  • Education – For those with school aged students, you’ll be pleased to know that Medina is home to highly rated public schools as well as a private school ensuring that whether you prefer public or private schooling options, you can enjoy it all living in Medina.
  • Art Scene – The Historic downtown district of Medina is filled with a multitude of different shops, restaurants, boutiques cafes and of course, an incredible art scene. The art and culture within the village of Medina is vibrant, often attracting those from surrounding communities to enjoy the town’s offerings on the weekends.

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Pros and Cons to Living in MedinaCons

  • Employment Opportunities – When living in Medina you may have to commute to and from work as the small village of Medina often doesn’t provide ample employment opportunities. While the commute often isn’t too far, it is something to consider prior to purchase a home and living in Medina.
  • Weather – Make sure to bring your rainboots and coats! Medina is known for ample rainfall as well as snow accumulation, while great for building snowmen and even having a snowball fight, the rain and snow is often difficult to navigate and can cause delays in commuting or every day errands.
  • Commuting – As mentioned above, due to a lack of employment opportunities commuting is often required. Additionally, while there are entertainment opportunities and exploration within Medina, you may find yourself commuting outside the city regularly to enjoy the surrounding offerings of other cities.

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