Medina is home to some of the most stunning landscapes for miles, including the Glenwood Falls which can be explored by many means, including kayaking. While you can explore the beauty both within and surrounding Medina all year long, this weekend, on August 7th, you can join a guided tour to the Glenwood Falls.

New York state is known for its many cascading waterfalls, and while there are many popular sites including the Niagara Falls, there is so much more to explore, and often the smaller, less known falls provide a sense of beauty that is simply unmatched, and this couldn’t be truer when referring to Glenwood Falls. One of the biggest draws to the Glenwood Falls in simply due to its’ easy access as Glenwood Lake provides an easy drop in point for kayaking as well as canoeing. In addition, calm waters allow for those of all skill levels to access the cascading and iconic falls.

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glenwood lake kayakingWhether you’re new to kayaking, or a seasoned kayaker, it is always important to remember to prep for your journey and bring items such as sunscreen, water, hats, sunglasses, as well as shoes that are both comfortable and able to get wet. Capturing the beauty of the falls from the water is often a must for many adventurers, however it is important to remember that even though you’ll be in a kayak, there is always a risk of getting wet and so you should ensure to have your gear stowed in waterproof bags or packs.

This kayaking event is only one of multiple events hosted throughout the year by the local Orleans County YMCA, and you can find many ways to get plugged in and enjoy the community and beauty of Medina.

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Following your kayaking excursion, enjoy a stroll through the Historic Village of Medina, whether to window shop, grab a bite to eat, or continue the adventure amongst friends and family at one of the many additional Medina attractions. While the town of Medina may be small, it doesn’t lack in adventure and you can find a large range of different activities to enjoy both within and surrounding the city that can be enjoyed by those of all ages, skill levels and interests.

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