Just as one snowstorm ends, another seems to be looming and many people are left scrambling to try and winterize their homes as quickly and efficiently as possible. While a “proper” winterization may take a little bit of preparation, there are a few things you can do in a hurry to keep your home protected.

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Clean Out the Chimney

If you plan on using your fireplace in the midst of the storm whether for heat or ambiance it is crucial that you ensure your chimney is clean. If hiring a professional chimney sweep isn’t possible, try getting a creosote sweeping log. This will help clear out any build up and ensure that your fireplace is ready to house a cozy fire.


Set Your Ceilings Fans

If your ceiling fans aren’t rotating clockwise then make sure to adjust them to do so. Quite possibly one of the easiest hacks to winterize your home, this will help keep the hot air within your home from rising to the ceiling and instead will be pushed down helping to keep your home warm even during freezing temperatures.


Install Window Film

One of the easiest ways to help keep your home warm is to install window film on all of your windows, especially if you have single pane windows within your home as these do not regulate temperature well. This film will help trap heat inside and slow the spread of cold air and thus keep your home warmer. Try stocking up on window film after the storm passes to ensure you always have some on hand if you get in a pinch for any future snowstorms or cold fronts.


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Drain the Water Heater

If you want a nice long hot shower to warm up, you might consider draining out your hot water heater. This will help flush out any debris that has built up or settled into the bottom of the tank (believe it or not this is quite common!) and help your water heater run more efficiently.


Wrap the Pipes

If you have a hose or spicket that is outdoors, it is important to disconnect your garden hose and wrap up the spout to protect the pipes from freezing. You can find kits that provide tools to do this, otherwise, a simple washcloth and rubber band will do. Simply wrap up the spout, secure the washcloth in place and replace the cloth every few days during the storm if possible.

Whether you are a pro at preparing for any and all storm types, or you are looking for some easy ways to get your home ready, it is crucial to keep your home protected during snowstorms and freezes to protect your pipes and belonging from damages.

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