For most of us in our area, kids will be doing a hybrid type of school meaning they will go to school for a couple of days a week and stay home for the others. While homeschool parents have been doing this for decades, if not centuries, many of us are struggling with this new way of learning. However, with a little bit of planning and preparation, we can adjust and adhere to today’s standards and be flexible with whatever comes for the safety of our family. With that in mind, here are some ways to create a perfect school environment at home.

#1. Have a special space just for school.

It can be very distracting to have the comings and goings of the house operating around a dedicated school spot so try to create a space that’s different than the kitchen table, unless there’s nothing else going on in the house during school hours. If possible, set aside a room or at least a section of a room that is completely devoted to school time. It needs to be quiet, free from distraction, and a place where you can go, get the work done, and then leave to participate in other household or family activities.

#2. Create a place for supplies.

If you’re simply throwing together whatever you have in the house from rulers over here to pencils over there, it can be distracting and can create anxiety. Keep all school supplies in one area, label them, and make them easily accessible.

#3. Keep the room clean.

This will also help with distractions and anxiety. If the work environment is clean and organize, kids can get in, get the work done, clean up, and move on with their day.

#4. Get out of the classroom.

Some of the best learning happens outside the classroom so leave time for hikes, exploration, visiting museums, and exploring your own town learning about history or daily life such as cooking, doing household chores, and gardening.

#5. Don’t forget breaks.

We all need a break regardless of what we’re doing so don’t forget to take either mini-breaks at least 5 to 10 minutes per hour or work for 2 to 3 hours and take a good hour break, getting out, looking at something besides paper or the screen, and exploring something new.

This is new to all of us but if we plan ahead, schedule things, and stay organized, we can stay on top of this schooling from home. And… Let’s hope it doesn’t last too much longer.