What is Horse Property?Horse Property in Orleans and Niagara County New York

When you start your search for a horse property, you should have a conversation with your real estate broker to nail down your wants, needs, and limitations. This conversation will serve to weed out properties with deed and zoning restrictions that may prevent you from utilizing it the way you wish. For instance, some properties restrict the placement of community horse trails, the number of horses allowed, and the commercial use of horses and equestrian facilities.

As we all know our pets and animals become a part of the family. It is important to an equestrian that their family member has the best care. This can include the dream of owning your own horse property. The following is a list of key points when buying a horse property.


This is especially important. Horses need water for health and digestion and can drink between five and ten gallons of water per day. What are the water rights on the property you are considering? Is it on municipal water, private well, or shared well? What is the condition of these facilities? Their history? How are they maintained. Having an experienced property inspector check the facilities is also recommended.

What is the location and quality of the land?

An important question a buyer must ask is what will they use the land for? Are you interested in trail riding, roping, or any other use? This is an important consideration because not all land types will support all uses.

How much land do you need?

How many horses are allowed per acre and do you need additional acreage for pasture, and outbuildings?

What is the condition of the property and has it been maintained?

Are their facilities such as tack rooms, feed storage, stalls, arenas, and equipment storage? Is there electricity and water supplied at these locations? It is important to know the ages of any facilities and see that they are properly maintained.


You need to determine if the property will work for your plans and will it accommodate any future expansion. What zoning restrictions are there that may prevent you from realizing your future goals?

Contact a real estate broker that is familiar with land and acreage transactions to help you navigate the details that will come up, so you may have as smooth a transaction as possible and get the property that realizes your goals.

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