Protecting your home’s value is one of the main things that many homeowners try to do, even if they don’t plan on selling their home, simply to help protect their investment. Additionally, should they choose to sell later down the line, protecting the value of your home is a great investment as the home’s value would be high, generally resulting in a profitable sale. While home renovations and upgrades are indeed great and common ways to help boost your home’s value, there a few other, less commonly thought of items, or things, that can help boost the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

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Random Things That Might Impact Your Home’s ValueMature Foliage

It’s no secret that many buyers prefer mature trees for the visual appeal they offer as they can create a much more aesthetically pleasing view as well as privacy. Aside from the view of the trees, surprisingly there are a few other reasons why mature trees and foliage may boost your home’s value by thousands. One of the main perks of mature trees is the shade they create as well as the potential for creating a wind break, both of these things can contribute to a lower heating and cooling bill, allowing either the homeowners, or the potential buyers to save monthly.

Grocery Stores

In a world where convenience is key, your home’s proximity to grocery stores it vital in boosting the value of your home. While having a nearby mini mart is helpful, many buyers look for more name brand stores such as a Trader Joes, Target, or Whole Foods Market. Additionally, a nearby coffee shop is a huge plus and appeals to many buyers, especially Millennials or those working remotely, as it offers a great space to work outside of the home. While being nearby stores is indeed a value boosting perk, ensuring that you are also within the delivery zone for nearby stores is another great way to boost your value and appeal to more buyers.

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Gas Prices

Generally, areas with high gas prices are also home to more expensive housing. Looking at the gas price trends is a great way to determining the value of nearby homes, and if in the suburbs, or an area where commuting is generally required for employment, lower gas prices are a great way to boost your home’s value as you can play on the affordable gas prices to those who will be commuting into the city.

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