Home staging is used by many real estate agents to try and elevate your home and make it appeal to more buyers. While it is indeed a great strategy to use when selling your home, there is generally a cost associated with staging your home, one that many sellers may not wish to pay. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can make your home look staged, even if you’ve already packed your furniture.

Home Staging Must Haves:

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  • Home Staging a Vacant HomeMirrors – Mirrors not only bounce light from room to room, but they often give the illusion that a home is larger than it is making it feel more open to potential buyers. You can often find mirrors at secondhand stores at affordable prices, try using one as a statement piece in the living room, add floor length mirrors to the bedrooms, etc. mirrors are easily one of the best home staging tools.
  • Party Tables – Creating beds is as easy as popping up two 6’ party tables and putting a queen-sized bed set on top. With a bed skirt, a comforter and some pillow, it looks as if the room is filled. This is a great option for vacant homes as it doesn’t require much set up or tear down time or equipment. It’s also an affordable option for many sellers.
  • Cardboard – Have a shopping problem? It might come in handy! It’s time to put all that extra cardboard to use. Even professional home stagers have been known to create fake furniture out of cardboard. While there are companies you can order perfectly shaped cardboard couches, chairs or tables from, with a little creativity, some tape, and a sheet or blanket to use as a couch cover, your living room can look as if it’s filled with a plush couch in no time. Always try and add throw pillows when possible as it gives the “couch” more dimension and looks more visually appealing.
  • Fake Plants – Another great option to help fill a vacant home with life is with fake plants. They require no water or light, meaning they won’t need to be tended do between tours and showings. Not only will they add a pop of color, but the greenery also creates a calm and inviting atmosphere, making the home feel Zen-like. Try adding a tall fake tree in empty corners to add dimension and height the room, fake succulent arrangements on the dining room table or in the kitchen, fake ferns or snake plants in the bathrooms, etc.

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  • Light – Floor lamps are a great way to fill empty space, not only do they help fill the floor space, but they can also help bare walls look filled due to their height. Additionally, they add extra light which is always a great option when trying to sell a home.

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