Top Historical Places to Tour in Orleans County, NY – The history and heritage of a place are what sets it apart from all other places. Preserving historical locations helps us remember the past while preparing for the future. In maintaining the upkeep of sites that once held significance in the era when it was built, saving the culture of the persons who came before. These tantalizing places act as markers in our American history, enveloped in lessons and stories that we tend to forget in our busy day-to-day living. Continue to read a special trailers guide of some of Orleans County, NY’s historical buildings and what makes them each unique. 

Top Historical Places to Tour in Orleans County, NY5 Top Historical Places to Tour in Orleans County, NY

Clarendon County Historical Society Museum & Farewell’s Settlement 

The Clarendon County Historical Society Museum & Farewell’s Settlement are two buildings comprised of artifacts of local interest. The first is a barn featuring agricultural items, and the second building is a historic one-room schoolhouse with a wide variety of items on display. All are welcome to come and enjoy, explore and learn about artifacts and displays featuring agriculture, the timber industry, Native Americans, military history, Historic Richardson Cemetery, and much more! Admission is free with this history museum unique to Clarendon County. The museum is operated by the Clarendon County Historical Society, which is a non-profit organization. 

The Cobblestone Museum 

The Cobblestone Museum is a historical landmark rooted in the history of cobblestone masonry committed to the preservation of Western New York history, art, and culture. A few key features of the tour at this museum include: 

  • Inspirational interactions with the visitors foster curiosity about the past. 
  • Partnerships that engage diverse groups and organizations through the community. 
  • Responsible stewardship of historic treasures to ensure that future generations can learn all about what was used in the past to encourage future learners! 

A couple of key features of the tour itself include: 

-Brick House: Museum Office 

This building was constructed in the early 1830s, home to the Cobblestone society’s office, resource center/research library, and the George W. Zeis Upper Gallery. 

-Cobblestone Church 

This building was constructed in 1834 after the first Universal Society was organized at Fairhaven in 1833. 

-District No. 5 Schoolhouse

Purchased at the time for only 50 US dollars, the parcel of land that the District No. 5 schoolhouse sits on was purchased by John Proctor serving the public for 103 years until it was closed down in 1950. 

Daughters of the American, Revolution, Orleans Chapter

The Orleans chapter was organized on June 8, 1925, with an overflow of members by the year 1928. Emma Reed Webster purchased a substantial house and gifted it to the chapter, with the maintenance being controlled by a corporation, and thus the Daughters of the American, Revolution, Orleans Chapter brick residence is now open to viewing on “Open House Days” in the summer. The chapter house can be viewed anytime by personal request. Some beautiful key features of the house include: 

  • Intact stunning period woodwork. 
  • House is graced with period furniture, antiques, and a large collection of artifacts in the museum. 

Holley Depot Museum, Murray-Holley Historical Society

The Holley Depot Museum, Murray-Holley Historical Society is a 1907 New York Central Depot exhibit(s) of local artifacts of the Erie Canal and railway eras, housing interpretive centers for genealogical research.

Medina Historical Society 

The Medina Historical Society was organized in 1971, with the purpose being to preserve and maintain annals and relics of Western New York, particularly the Village of Medina and the Townships of Shelby and Ridgeway, and to educate the people on the history of their community. Two stunning Victorian-style homes are open to tour: 

  • The John Smart House Museum 
  • The Medina County Historical Society is celebrating the 100th year of collecting and preserving artifacts and information dealing with the county and its history.  
  • The McDowell-Phillips House Museum 
  • This beautiful Queen Anne Shingle-Style home was built in 1890 by R.M. McDowell, featuring 7 fireplaces, and 14 rooms. It is considered the largest house in Medina and was purchased in 2019 by capital drive to preserve the iconic house. It is a historic landmark, serving as an additional museum to house collections and significant items left by the five previous generations that lived there. 

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