It’s a very weird time right now… An era no one really has seen before in our lifetime. With so many things shut down, is it even safe to buy or sell real estate during this time?

Real estate has been deemed an essential service in many states, including New York. But because we are being hit so hard, all showings must be virtual. Think of it this way, there were many people that have their homes or properties listed before the stay-at-home mandate and they still need to sell. Whether it’s for a job, financial reasons, change in family status or just the need to move, these people still need to sell their homes and it can be done.

People are still buying real estate as well, with the same essential reasons and immediate needs. So how can real estate move forward in the state of New York?

Of course, we need to maintain social distancing to the highest extent possible, and that means virtual showings. But one of the good things about real estate is that it all can be done online. You can sign things virtually, have conversations over face time, Zoom meetings or even just email and text. While it may not be business as usual, business can still go on. We just have to do things a little differently, carefully, and make sure that everyone is satisfied at the end of the transaction. Here is what the New York State Association of Realtors says about the real estate industry during this time.

Essential Businesses must continue to comply with the guidance and directives for maintaining a clean and safe work environment issued by the Department of Health and every business, even if essential, is strongly urged to maintain social distance to the extent possible.

The following functions of real estate and/or realtors (sic) are considered essential: residential home and commercial office showings; home inspections; and residential appraisers.

Back-office real estate work is deemed essential, but please utilize telecommuting or work from home procedures to the maximum extent possible. [Source]

The real estate industry has been given great responsibility to meet the needs of residential and commercial property owners and buyers. But because so many different transactions, negotiations, and conversations can be done electronically, pretty much the only thing that needs to be in person is the final signing with the notary. Our notaries can come directly to you, one-on-one, across the table, and complete everything in the safest way possible. But, we even are working with some title and escrow companies that can do all of this virtually and keep you safe and secure with your identity and your purchase or sale as well.

Using social media, virtual showing platforms, and virtual open houses and tours, and all buyers and sellers come together “virtually” over the right home in the right deal. Everything can be negotiated and we can talk to the logistics of having buyers in seller’s homes, the safety aspect, and protecting all involved.

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It can be done but it does take some creative restructuring of the real estate industry. This is definitely something we’re willing to work with, adapt to, and change up to make sure that you can still buy and sell property during this time without having to worry or be fearful.

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