When you think of visiting New York often you have visions of the hustle and bustle of New York City or sight-seeing some of the state’s most famous attractions such as the Statue of Liberty. However, sometimes the best sites are found further off the beaten path and are hidden amongst smaller towns and cities and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to the small town of Medina. Medina can be found nearly equidistant between Niagara Falls and Rochester, and while the town itself is small, the sites are larger than life.

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Medina Falls is easily one of the most beloved sites within the area and it is easy to see why. The Falls can be explored in multiple different ways, whether by foot or boat and which allows you to enjoy the sites in a way that fits your specific preferences and abilities.

Medina New YorkOn Foot

The falls are only a short ten-minute walk from downtown Medina, so you can easily grab a bite to eat, walk with a cup of coffee, or enjoy a stroll to soak in the sites. The Tow Path is a great path that overlooks the falls and the Erie Canal and can be found next to the Horan Bridge. For those who prefer a shorter walk, there is also a small parking lot that can be found just to the west of the falls which allows for a short walk, roughly 200 feet, from your vehicle to viewpoints of the falls.

By Boat

For all of the adventurers out there, the Falls are the place to be. Hop in a kayak and get up close and personal with Medina Falls where you can feel the spray from the roaring water as it crashes down the Falls. There are multiple different places where you can hop in your Kayak and head to the falls, however, a popular drop in point can be found at Glenwood Lake, where there is a kayak dock. A short paddle up the Oak Orchard River will bring you directly to the Falls, make sure to bring a waterproof camera!

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New York is home to some of the most stunning Waterfalls, and while many are packed with tourists, or overrun by locals, Medina Falls has somehow preserved its beauty and still remained fairly untouched, boasting mature foliage, and on most days, provides ample space for exploring and viewing unlike some other more well-known Falls in the surrounding areas.

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