8 Best Companies to Work for in Niagara Falls New York in 2022 – One of the biggest reasons why individuals and families tend to relocate to new areas of interest is because of a job switch. Niagara Falls, NY is known for more than just its beautiful sights or being a cute town in the grand city of New York. The job prospects are looking good this year in Niagara, and the area is looking to bring in more clientele as well as residents. Continue to read to find some great job prospects in Niagara Falls, NY, and what they can offer you as the best companies to work for in Niagara Falls. 8 Best Companies to Work for in Niagara Falls New York in 2022

8 Best Companies to Work for in Niagara Falls New York in 2022

1. Seneca Resorts & Casino 

The Seneca Gaming Corporation was established by the Seneca Nation of Indians in 2002 to aid in developing, operating, and financing the Nation’s gaming facilities. On Zippia The Career Expert, there are over 26 jobs listed under the Seneca Resorts & Casino, including:

  1. Culinary Executive Sous Chef
  2. Hospitality Shift Manager
  3. Executive Steward
  4. Account Coordinator
  5. Beverage Barback

2. Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center 

The Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center is a hospital located in downtown Niagara Falls in the state of New York that has been serving the Greater Niagara region for over 100 years. The center loves to hire those who graduate from SUNY Buffalo State, acting as a key player in the healthcare industry with 3,000 employees and an annual revenue of $204.8M.

3. Health System Services 

The Health System Services provides medical supplies and health insurance reimbursement of LTC facilities and home care patients from Medicare & Medicaid, with the organization’s mission being to provide the highest quality of services to individuals seeking treatment for substance and/or mental health issues. Clients are assisted in achieving sobriety and sustaining recovery. On Zippia The Career Expert, there are a few select positions open, including:

  1. DME Warehouse Technician
  2. Delivery Driver
  3. Registered Respiratory Therapist (Remote)
  4. Delivery Technician

4. Tulip Richardson Manufacturing 

The Tulip Molded Plastics Corporation is a plastics company specializing in injection molded plastics and battery products. The company is a medium-sized professional company with 350 employees and a revenue of $37.0M.

5. Norwegian Christian Home & Health Center

The Norwegian Christian Home & Health Center Inc is primarily engaged in providing inpatient nursing and rehabilitative services to patients who need continuous health care, but not hospital services, with care being ordered/directed by a physician. The NCH&H is a medium healthcare organization with 350 employees and an annual revenue of $50.0M that is headquartered in New York. On Zippia The Career Expert, there are some outstanding positions open, including:

  1. General- Lab Tech Travel Lab Tech
  2. Registered Nurse (RN)
  3. Therapist on Talkspace

6. Norampac Industries Inc 

Norampac Industries, Inc. manufactures corrugating medium made from recycled fibers with products marketed in both Canada and the US.

7. Precious Plate 

Precious Plate provides selective plating services using electroplating equipment and a process specifically designed to meet the needs of customers, with deposited metals being made extremely selective. On Zippia The Career Expert, there is currently one position open:

  1. Quality Engineer

8. Niagara Charter School 

The Niagara Charter Schools are elementary and secondary schools furnishing academic courses, ordinarily for kindergarten through grade 12, and secondary schools furnished in both academic and technical courses.

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