Change Home Mortgage & Understanding Basics of Community Mortgage 101

Change Home Mortgage is a wonderful site for those either starting in owning a small business or veterans of the affair who are interested in learning more about community mortgage, how it works, and the best ways to both qualify and save money.

So, to start: What is a community mortgage? A community Mortgage is an easy way to decrease the amount of cash that homebuyers need for a downpayment specifically targeting those using non-traditional documentation.

Change Home Mortgage’s clientele loves the propriety product that is Community Mortgage because it was made to keep small business owners, economy bosses, and non-traditional W-2 workers in mind, fitting a broad category of people under the umbrella of its benefits.

The broad scope of borrowers that Change Home Mortgage has helped include:

  • Self-Employed/Small Business Owner
  • Volatile/Irregular Employment
  • Retired
  • Newly Self-Employed
  • Disqualified Income
  • Recent Immigration

There are many, many more borrowers with different situations that have used the alternative solution to owning their own small business that Change Home Mortgage has helped with.

Change Home Mortgage is a reliable site with a certification in Community Development Financial Institution from the United States Department Treasury CDFI Fund in May 2018. It can be hard to trust or understand what exactly a fancy certification means, or why it holds any credit in aiding your small business.

What is a CDFI Fund? This type of fund helps promote access to capital and local economic growth within low-income and developing communities. Equal access to the American Dream for all communities across the nation is the number one goal of Change Home Mortgage.

But why should CDFI matter to you? Well, the fund allows the gap between credit-worthy borrowers abandoned by traditional mortgage companies who lend money to be bridged by Change Home Mortgage lenders. CDFI’s are exempt from certain consumer financing rules and regulations, unlike traditional banks that work within the bounds of certain rules. That means that Change Home Mortgage has a diverse range of mortgage programs that help under-served borrowers and communities alike.

There are plenty of advisors in a wide range of areas that will help you get qualified for a multitude of loans, regardless of past struggles dealing with debt, or just difficulty getting qualified through a traditional bank. Find an advisor today to get that small business or home you have been vying for and wait no longer!

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