Medina, New York is a small city found in Western New York. While there are many attributes that help create the small-town that people love to call home, the “village” of Medina embodies many qualities that home buyers of all walks of life are searching for.

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Small Businesses

Hallmark movies are often set in towns much like Medina, where the local grocer knows the gal who owns the cafe down the way and the streets are lined with small businesses, owned by locals. Medina is just that. While there are indeed a few more well-known restaurants and stores within Medina, Medina hasn’t been consumed by over development and still maintains that small-town charm with small, locally owned businesses.

medina wine trailThe Niagara Wine Trail

The Niagara Wine Trail is both a favorite among locals as well as tourists and attracts those from communities across New York. The “trail” runs through Niagara, Orleans and Monroe counties and is home to more than 20 different wineries. From wine tasting, tours, events, lodging, group activities and so much more, the Niagara Wine Trail is an experience that can be enjoyed time and time again, experiencing something new with each visit.

Location, Location, Location

Oftentimes when calling a small town such as Medina home, you find yourself longing for adventure after the quietness of small-town living becomes the norm. Luckily Medina combines the best of both worlds and is set in the ideal location for those who are hoping to live a slower paced lifestyle, without compromising on proximity to entertainment. With Lake Ontario as well as Rochester, Niagara Falls and Buffalo all nearby, there is no shortage of events, shopping, dining, or adventure to be found within and surrounding Medina.

Annual Events

Many small cities have put an end to annual events due to budget issues or attendance, however, when it comes to Medina this couldn’t be further from the truth. The town hosts a multitude of annual events for locals to enjoy, from a farm to table dinner on main street, the parade of lights, ale in autumn and so much more, the events bring the whole town together and keep the community tightly knit.

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While there are many different things that play a role in making Medina such a great place to live, it’s location, small town charm, locally owned businesses, stunning views and hikes throughout nature as well as events and experiences such as the Niagara Wine Trail have not only put Medina on the map but made the area highly sought-after over the past few years.

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