What Should You Ask When Buying A New Construction Home – Are you interested in buying new construction? This may seem simple and easy because the home will be new, but that’s not always the case. There are benefits of having a new design and new appliances but you also have to be ready to walk through the entire construction process. Hiring your agent is crucial for you to have the help you need during this process. There is a lot to consider. Work with your agent and ask these important questions as you look to buy a new construction home.

What Should You Ask When Buying A New Construction HomeWhat Should You Ask When Buying A New Construction Home

Who Is The Builder?

You want to know who the builder is and their reputation. This has a huge impact on the quality of your home build. Purchasing a home is like;y one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make so you want to make sure it is a well-built home. Take your time and talk to others as you consider different builders. Look at online reviews and tour the homes they have built. You also want to consider a builders specialization. Different builders have specific styles and materials they prefer so keep this in mind as you make your decision.

Who Oversees The Construction?

Selecting a builder doesn’t answer all of your questions. You can’t assume that they oversee everything in the detailed manner you would want. So, it is important to ask who is going to oversee the construction. You want to ask for a point person and know who is overseeing each detail of the build as it is happening. Someone should be overseeing the day-to-day operation.

What Features Come With The Home And What Cost Extra?

Each builder you consider will have the standard features that they include in each home build. Consider what you are looking for and your desires because they may be at an extra cost and you don’t want any financial surprises. Being able to plan or decide to go without something is a big part of the process. You want to ask for a detailed list of specifications for your new construction.

Can I Make Upgrades?

Your home build will take time. During this time you may find that you want to add features to your home. You need to ask beforehand if this is possible and what the timeframe for additional features is depending on the room you are adding to. Knowing this information from the beginning allows you to make informed decisions.

How Long Will This Take?

This is one of the biggest questions. You want to know how one of the builder’s timelines is expected to be. This is an area that requires a lot of patience and flexibility because in construction many things can come up unexpectedly. Pay attention to the builder’s policies on this topic so you know what you have agreed to.

Is There A Builders Warranty?

This question is so important! You want a builders warranty. These warranties can have a lot of differences from builder to builder. A builders warranty can be really important if something breaks early on or is faulty and the time you move in.

Is There A Home Inspection?

Once your home build is complete, you should have a home inspection. This won’t affect the sale of your home but will give you great insight into the condition of your home. A professional home inspector, unaffiliated with the builder, will be able to verify that the home is built to current standards

In Conclusion

There are many important questions to ask when buying a new construction home. This is why you must hire your agent to help you walk through the process. For more information on purchasing a home in Lewiston NY contact us. We would be happy to come alongside you whether it’s a new build or an already constructed home you are looking for.