So, it’s time to sell, you may be left wondering if buyers really notice the small stuff, or if you can take a break and skip a few things to lesson your load. When it comes to selling, a general rule of thumb is to remember that what you put into the home, is generally what you’ll take out. So, if you plant to skip the small stuff, while you may think buyers will overlook it, be prepared to take a loss because of this.

What Qualifies as the “Small Stuff” to Today’s Buyers?

  • Do Buyers Really Notice the Small Stuff?Baseboards – Dirty baseboards, while you may not notice them in day-to-day living, can impact the sale of your home. Often dirty baseboards show a lack of cleanliness leaving potential buyers feeling as if the home hasn’t been truly cleaned in a long time.
  • Corners – Much like the baseboards, corners are another area that shouldn’t be forgotten. Even if you vacuum, sweep or mop regularly, dust, dirt, debris or pet dander easily accumulates in the corners.
  • Windowsills and Blinds – Windowsills MUST be cleaned thoroughly when it comes to selling your home. Due to them often seeing high levels of moisture, they are a breeding ground for black mold growth which can easily cause a long list of problems when you try to sell.
  • Appliances – Even if your appliances seem to be in great working order, if they’re dirty this could show a lack of maintenance which may in turn allow buyers to feel as if they would require premature replacement.
  • Landscape – While you don’t have to go all out with a freshly landscaped lawn, take some time to spruce up the yard and boost your curb appeal. This can be as easy or as in depth as you’d like. Mow the grass and pull weeds or plant some seasonal color.
  • Attics & Crawl Space – Storage is key so showcasing your storage potential is a great way to allow your home to stand out from the rest. Your crawl space as well as your attic are great ways to add extra storage to your home without causing clutter.
  • Garage Storage – The garage is often a place where you end up tossing junk, piling up boxes and storing unused items, however, when it comes time to sell, organizing and maximizing/showcasing the storage potential in the garage is a great way to appeal to today’s buyers.

When it comes time to sell, emotions are generally high, stress levels may be at an all-time high, however, by taking a weekend to try and get your home looking it’s best, you can often see a higher sale price. As a bonus, many of the items mentioned above won’t require additional cost, just some elbow grease and time which allows for a great return.

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