Next to location, curb appeal is highly important in selling a home. Homes that look good on the outside entice a buyer to want to see what is on the inside. These homes are able to list at the top of market value and generally sell faster than homes with less appealing exterior features.

Here are some ways to boost curb appeal and bring in a little extra money on the sale of your home.

Wash the House’s Face

It’s amazing what a good ol’ bath can do. Before you do anything else get a pressure washer or just a simple bucket of warm soapy water and a long-handled brush. Make your home look almost brand new by simply removing the dirt on its surface. Don’t forget to sweep away those cobwebs and blast the dirt off of any driveways and walkways as well and make sure to give the garage door some love while you’re at it. Some say that simply giving your home a good shine up can add $10,000 to $15,000 to the sale price.

New Paint

If it has been a while since your home has seen a coat of paint this is the best time to do it. Not only will buyers notice the bright and fresh newness, but appraisers will also include it in the value of the home. There are a few things to remember when painting though, stick close to or exactly to the color your home currently is (unless the scheme is an outdated yellow with brown trim from the 70s) and keep it neutral to appeal to more buyers. Did you know painting your home a wild color that sticks out in the neighborhood will cause an appraiser to take off value?

The Roof 8 Tips to Add Curb Appeal (and Value) to Your Home

An ugly and uncared for roof sends a huge red warning sign to buyers. It communicates that maybe the rest of the home has not been well cared for and there is likely to be many other costly repairs in the home. Roofs are one of the first things appraisers and inspectors look at in a home.

Yes roof repairs are expensive, but you will pay less upfront fixing them before listing than later in a lower appraisal or lower offer to compensate for needed repairs. The ROI (return on investment) for a completely brand new roof is 109%. So it could even make you a bit of money.

 The Yard

Well-kept landscaping like a freshly mowed lawn, new mulch and weed-less flower beds, and pruned trees and bushes make the outside of any home much more appealing.

According to the Remodeling Impact Report, a freshly cared for yard will land you 100% ROI or more.

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Small Pops of Color

Little bits of color grabs attention and look very pleasing to the eye. They breathe life and vitality and communicate style and freshness. Color has even been said to invoke certain moods. For example, yellow is the color of happiness. Add mood-boosting pops of color with paint on the exterior of the front door, colorful planters, flowers planted in the beds, or accessories around the door.

Luxury Accessories

Adding some trendy up to date house numbers or a new sleek mailbox will put that finishing touch on your home’s “outfit”. It’s like wearing a nice pair of shoes or some interesting jewelry it only adds more interest and appeal making your home look even better. If you have the budget, consider new outdoor light fixtures.

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A nice fence to frame the yard is an asset and as long as it is in good condition will earn more value with the appraiser. If you already have a fence make sure it is clean and in good repair. If you are thinking of adding one ask your realtor if it would be worth it and stick to something that is classic and goes with the overall exterior style of the home.

Stay on top of Maintenance

It is very important to make sure everything on the outside of the home is in good repair. Check items like the gutters, any brick or stonework if you have it, cracked asphalt, falling shutters, cracked windows, etc.

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