Whether you are preparing your home for a sale or just want to spruce up your curb appeal to be the talk of the neighborhood, you probably don’t want to do it on a lavish budget. If you’re like me, anytime I’m making home improvements I want to try and save a buck or two. So it’s important that when you are updating your landscaping you weigh the costs, materials, and labor. Here are four ways to save money on landscaping.4 Ways to Save Money on Landscaping

#1. A little DIY.

You might not be doing everything on your own but take a look at some of the things you can be doing such as yard cleanup, mowing, and getting rid of the underbrush, sticks, and leaves. These are things that just about anyone can do as long as physical limitations don’t stand in their way. You’ll always want to clean the space before decorating it or installing new landscape features. Clear out the underbrush, trim away trees from the siding of the house, trim bushes and shrubs, and make the space clear and clean.

#2. Figure out what you actually want to spend your money on.

If you have a $1000 budget, you want that to go to clean up, preparation, or labor? Maybe you want that budget to go towards plants and material? Figure out where you’re going to splurge and where you’re going to save. Chances are you’re reading this because you want to save a little bit and be more budget-friendly with your landscaping options. Naturally could save a little bit more money by doing it yourself but how much is your time worth. It may not be worth it to do it yourself when you can hire someone to work for less per hour than you would charge at your own business.

#3. Make notes and sketch landscaping ideas.

Before hiring someone it’s important to have an idea of where you want to go with the landscaping. Do you want water features, new turf, new plants, rock garden, or just a neatly maintained lawn? Figure out what you want to have when completed and then get some pricing from landscapers in your area.

#4. Choose your plants last.

It can be easy to want to choose your plants ahead of time but don’t go over the top when doing this as it can look overgrown and messy.

If you are hiring a landscaper, they will likely help you choose the right plants for your zone, the look you’re trying to go for, and the longevity. It’s important to layer your plants putting higher shrubs and trees towards the back and medium-size evergreens and other perennials and annuals towards the front. Seasonal flowers are great for pots, or to fill in the gaps around larger shrubs that have not filled in yet.

Landscaping is the frame of the house so it’s a great idea to start working on it now so that the yard will be bright green, everything will come out and bloom appropriately. Contact me for all Lewiston NY Homes.

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