When you purchase a new home and you finally close on the purchase and obtain your new house keys, you are no doubt super excited to get into your new home as soon as possible. But before moving in there are a few things you should do to get your home ready to comfortably live in.

Here are Four Important Things You Will Want to Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

  • Repaint

Not all homes will need this but some do. Some homes may have a funny or undesirable color of paint on the walls that you were willing to overlook. Now is the time to put a fresh coat up in your favorite color (or a nice up to date neutral tone). It is so much easier to paint your house when there is nothing inside that you have to worry about moving away from the walls and into the middle of the room and then find tarps to cover it all up.

  • Change the Locks

This is very important as you do not know how long the same locks have been on your new doors and exactly how many people have keys to that lock or who they are. Getting new locks will help you to have peace of mind that only the people that live in your home have keys to it, and of course whomever else you decide to trust with a key to your home.

  • Do Minor Repairs

Chances are if you purchased a used home there is a minor repair or two that need to be made. The best time to make those repairs is when you are fresh with excitement about caring for your home. Go ahead and hire a handyperson or get your tool it out if you are more of the do-it-yourself type. Take the time now to tighten loose screws in squeaky floorboards and smooth out the door that just doesn’t seem to close right, before you become comfortable and just want to relax.

  • Have the Carpets Cleaned

There is no telling how well the former owner of the home cared for the carpets. Maybe they look clean to the naked eye, but after a cleaning would turn a completely different color. No matter if the carpets seem really clean or you can obviously tell it is time to give them a freshen up, it is a good idea to have the carpets in your new home deep cleaned. Not only will it ensure you are truly starting fresh, and the home is its cleanest clean, it saves you from having to move that heavy furniture out of the way. The best time to clean the carpet in your new home is before you move all the stuff in. It allows the cleaners to clean every inch of the carpet without heavy objects in the way and makes allowing for full drying time much easier because no one is in the home waiting to be able to walk across the floor.

Now that you have prepped your new home you are all set to move in!