12 Best West Village Restaurants to Dine in While in New York – The West Village is one of the loveliest areas tucked away in the pocket of New York City. It is rich in history, with buildings comprised of stately brownstone dating back to the 1800s, and many storefronts featuring rare merchandise. Reclaimed ports and industrial architecture have been converted into coffee shops and local restaurants.

While the borders of this city can feel a bit murky at times, and while the neighborhood real estate is extortionate, you will find that the prices at restaurants can range from expensive to surprisingly modest. The range of offerings at the tables of this city is impressive, including reasonably priced celebrated hamburgers, sushi, Spanish, Brazilian, etc… Planning a day trip to NYC? Check out these restaurants12 Best West Village Restaurants to Dine in While in New York

Here are 12 of the best picks for West Village restaurants!

12. Banter 

Features mushroom wraps and fried chicken sandwiches, Banter is an Australian cafe and coffee shop located below the Meatpacking District. This is a restaurant that provides what can only amount to a brunch hotspot all week long!

There is avocado toast, a popular pick among health nuts, taking on a Middle Eastern direction with crumbled feta, za’atar, and pumpkin seeds. All items on the menu can be accessorized with the addition of poached eggs, as well as side meats. This quirky breakfast bistro is all-inclusive with vegetarian options, as well as plates for meat lovers!

11. A Salt & Battery 

Brought to West Village by the owners of Tea and Sympathy, A Salt & Battery does English-style fish and chips on these shores at the shop with minimal seating. The fillets of fish (whether cod, haddock, whiting, or sole) come out crisp once they are dipped in beer batter, with various sides of beans, chips (of course), curry sauce, and mushy peas. For other seafood options, there are scallops and shrimp.

10. Corner Bistro

Though the name implies the restaurant is a bistro, Corner Bistro is anything but. Fashioned after an Irish-themed bar dating back to the year 1961, the place gained popularity in the ’90s for simple New York-style burgers accompanied by fries made in a small closet near the bar. There is no better place to enjoy a beer on a weekday than at Corner Bistro.

9. The Mary Lane 

A pleasant restaurant best known to area residents, The Mary Lane is a sleeper restaurant that features a relaxed setting in West Village. Known best for being a farm-to-table type of place, you will find many unique dishes that have a twist. A fun dish includes asparagus soup of a unique shade of green with bits of crab, smoked creme fraiche, and slivered almonds.

8. Semma 

An exploration of southern Indian cooking can be found at Semma, a restaurant famed for its exploration of Southern Indian cooking. There is of course authentic food that is featured on the menu that may be unfamiliar territory for many—goat intestines served on a banana leaf—and foods that fans of Indian food fanatics are familiar with—curries with venison and lobster tail. There are many ranges of spice combinations with high-quality ingredients fresh from hubs in New York.

7. The Lavaux Wine Bar 

The Lavaux Wine Bar offers a variety of products from a Swiss wine company located in the French-speaking part of the country. This restaurant is more of a winery showroom than naught, though there is not a place better at serving charcuterie and cheese boards paired nicely with fondue and a glass of white wines procured from Swiss Chasselas grape.

6. Sevilla 

Greenwich Village (a part of West Village) has boasted Spanish-themed restaurants dating back to the time of the Spanish Civil War. Sevilla is one of the only said restaurants that remains, sticking with the theme of waiters wearing short tuxes and decor that will put you back in the year 1940s. Chorizo arrives aflame at your table, and the smell of garlic fills the block!

5. Jeju Noodle Bar 

This Korean-style noodle bar is famous for serving up an authentic Korean version of ramen, also known as ramyun. At Jeju Noodle Barhigh-quality dense wavy noodles. A local favorite ramen bowl features a beefy broth made from veal bones, with pieces of brisket dropped in the broth, with various garlic pickled, fried, and oil to top off the flavors of the dish.

4. Taco Mahal 

When the sun shines through the clouds, the sidewalk seating at Taco Mahal provides a wonderful time for people-watching. The menu features northern Indian-style flatbread “tacos,” one made with naan bread, and the other a small roti. Each type can hold a substantial amount of palak paneer, lamb curry, salmon (crumbled and fried), chicken kabab, or chickpeas.

3. Sushi 456 

Replacing what was once known as Takashi, Sushi 456 specializes in high-quality sushi at reduced prices. Here, you can find various dishes, such as grilled meat yakiniku, steaks, and organ meats. There are no appetizers, except for a bowl of miso soup, edamame, and broiled tuna collar. Sushi assortments are $50-$100 in range.

2. Commerce Inn 

By far the quirkiest West Village restaurant on this list, the layout of Commerce Inn is left over from a 1960s Portuguese bar. Here, Shaker culture is explored with historic cocktails, and various foods such as roasted bone marrow, spoon pudding, and beef tongue amongst the many other interesting items on the menu.

1. Perry St

Serving an international take on French cuisine, at Perry St you will find dishes such as yellowfin tuna urger with yuzu sauce, and lamb chops with black olive crumbs. This restaurant also offers a view of Jersey and Hudson River from the outdoor terrace while you can enjoy a Magnifique meal.

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